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Mine Engineer.Com provides information on mining, minerals, coal, mineral processing, coal preparation, equipment used in the mining and process industries as well as other related topics. Very few of the articles we use in every day life would exist, if mining and mineral processing did not provide the basic ingredients to produce them.

Lately, a few hundred thousand visit the Mine-Engineer.Com website, but as the recovery from Covid-19 Virus aftermath continues, with majority of citizens vaccinated, the business climate and life should return to a more normal state. So, if you are not vaccinated, get vaccinated, and help the recovery.

The menu to the left and the top menu provides information on the subjects indicated. The menu item "Need Mining?" shows some minerals used in computer systems, while the menu item "Your House" shows some minerals used in building houses.
The photo above, is of a high grade gold deposit in Nevada. At the bottom of the photo, are mineral specimins, from left to right, cinnabar, chalcopyrite, pyrite and cobaltkoritnigite.
The background is a photo of sand in Death Valley, CA.

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