Charles Kubach

Who I Am

I was born in Charleston WV, have lived in WVa, PA, KY, NC, SC,VA, CA, Japan. I have traveled (both for pleasure and in business) to 5 of the 7 continents (never been to Africa or Antarctica).  Currently, I live in Long Beach, CA.   I have several degrees in Engineering, and my hobbies include Golf, Tennis, Skiing (Downhill), and Photography.   I am divorced, and my political affiliations are Republican.

Standing Above A Large Surface Mine (Grand Canyon)

I started this web site in 1994, because I grew weary of people asking me "What is a mining engineer?", every time I told them I had a degree in Mining Engineering.  And invariably, they would reply "Oh, you go up into the mountains and pan for gold. I saw that on PBS"

  What I Do

I am a Mining and Mineral Processing Engineer, and have worked for the following companies:  Island Creek Coal Co (Production Dept), US Marine Corps,Allied Colloids, Ltd. (Mineral Process Division), Banks Engineering (Staff Mining Engineer), Century Oil (Flotation Dept.), Engineering Consultants (Partner, Mineral Process/Mining Engineer), TEE Engineering (Mining Engineer), Sepor Inc. (National and International Sales Manager). Retired as of 30 March, 2020. Open to consulting opportunities. I can be contacted at the following email:

I was previously Chairman, Southern California Mining Section, Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, and have served on a Presidential Task Force.  In addition, I had a small consulting group called MPEC (Mining, Mineral Processing & Environmental Services).


I  attended the Univ of Maryland, Univ of Kentucky, West Virginia University (West Virginia Institute of Technology) and have a BS Degree in Mining Engineering Technology

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