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  Mine-Engineer.Com began in 1994, to provide factual information on mining, and integral processing industries. The plethora of information on the internet was predominantly inaccurate, anti mining rhetoric. We attempted to provide "fair and balanced" information based upon facts, not hearsay from the uninformed.

Since 1994, we have accumulated a large quantity of information on various aspects of mining, and specifically on the mineral processing and metallurgical aspects of recovering valuable minerals from ores. It is difficult to do this, without devoting a fair amount of space to the equipment involved, so we have much information on equipment used to accomplish various process tasks in recovering the minerals desired from the rock (ore).

In addition, several sections were started to feature news and commentary about various activities that influence mining activities, and present some financial information as to the projected markets and direction for the commodities of gold, silver and copper, to name a few. This section has become very popular.

During the past several decades, we have received many comments about the site, 99% of them favorable, and from individuals ranging from CEO's of mining companies, electric utility operators, companies that use the products of mining, investors, prospectors , researchers in mining, educational professionals, mining students, those working at mines and those simply interested in the mining process. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our information and will go out on a limb on controversial subjects, to state factual based opinions on various matters that affect mining segments and mining as a whole.

We do not sell any products on the website, although we get numerous inquiries for equipment and services from virtually every country on earth, with the bulk coming from countries where mining is conducted, or countries that have a requirement for resources. We will advertise reputable companies providing equipment a services to the mining industry.

Over the years millions of people have read content on this site and many have sent email telling us how informative it was, or how much they enjoyed it. We hope to continue this effort into the future, and if any have any comments feel free to send them along using the Contact button at the top of each page. We enjoy hearing from our users.

Now that there is one company contemplating mining in space (asteroids), perhaps we will one day have a section devoted to that endeavor, but that is probably well in the future. We are always looking for suitable new content, so if you have something that may interest our audience, let us know and perhaps we could publish it on the site.

We are located in Long Beach, California (USA) and have a electronic voice mail system, so if you call, just leave a message. The majority of people send email,using the contact button at the top of the page.

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