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They Can Steal Money, But Gold Is Too Heavy

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
March 26, 2013

Socialists have no remorse, and say taking other's money is no crime, after all they use Obama's line, "the rich do not deserve all that money, it should be re-distributed." So is was that the Euro Socialist Union robbed depositors of Cyprus's Laki Bank of 40% of their deposits, because the government simply had spent much more than they had, and the Euro Socialist Union said it was fine to steal their money. Just like during communism's heyday, when the Soviet Union said in order for communism to survive, it had to be the only system, because they realized that any other system was better than communism.

Socialists, settled for only 40% of the Bank depositor's money, graciously allowing them to keep 60%. I suppose to a socialist, those victims of theft should feel good that they have anything left at all. This is where Big Government and Nanny States that promise "cradle to grave" "services" go, they steal from those productive citizens, although usually not in such blatant acts of thievery. Usually they are more subtle, with phrases like "they need to pay their fair share". And I always thought a fair share was the same amount for everyone, apparently I never subscribed to socialism or communism like our leaders of today.

I suppose that Cyprus and the Euro Socialist Union would be a bit surprised if the Russian Navy landed a few hundred thousand troops on Cyprus to ensure their citizens property is returned. But then that would cost more than the few billion $$ stolen, so there other more covert methods to seek their revenge, if that is what they desire.

In any event, this little episode brings me to the point of this article, bank deposits of currency can be easily stolen by governments, but it is much more difficult to take possession of gold bullion, since it is property, not like currency which can be switched from one account to another electronically.

Were I one of those wealthy socialist Europeans, this would be a wake up call, that nothing they have is safe from run away government spending. The Euro Socialist Union just laid claim to all money over $100,000. But we all know beaurocrats are basically lazy, and gold is heavy, difficult to move and is not a official government fiat currency, as it is simply private property, and stealing gold would offend their sensibilities, at this point, anyway.

So, how long will it be until other bankrupt Euro Socialist Union members decide that stock portfolios are fair game, as they can be easily electronically "confiscated" for the good of the blundering state? Two thirds of the Euro Socialist Union are in financial trouble, after many years of spending beyond their means, and taxing many of it's citizens out of the country. After all, Dutch Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem blatently and stupidly stated that this should become a model for failing economies in the Euro Socialist Union.

So, if I were one of those with "too much money", and holding gold in Zurich, thinking about selling it and investing in the market again, I would re-think the real possibility of some Euro Thief Government stealing my valuable portfolio, and keep the gold. Perhaps even consider buying more gold and storing it in a non-Euro Socialist country. Euro Thiefs have fired the first volley in Global Socialism, and it was a successful plunder of wealth. Rest assured the second volley will not be far away, and it will most likely require much more than a few billion dollars next time.

Return to capitalism, and the Free Enterprise System, the one that makes countries great and creates great individual achievements, not the socialist enslavement system that creates government parasites with no ambition and no hope, once they run out of other people's money.

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