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Argentina's Mining Regulations Enter 21st Century

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
18 June, 2017

It would appear, that after over a decade of socialistic government policies, which resulted in near default and low revenues for the government and its citizens, including harsh punitive laws, regulations for mining companies, now the new government realizes that business needs to make profits, in order to not only survive, but to thrive. They need to pay a bit of their profits to shareholders (such as myself), and pay reasonable taxes and fees to the government, and they need to know that this is possible prior to investing the billions of dollars required to open a mine today.

Not only will investment in the mining sector create many new paying jobs for citizens of Argentina, who will be productive tax paying citizens, but the mining companies will invest billions of dollars in the business of extracting and selling commodities, which will yield more revenues for the government to use to benefit it's citizens.

So, it is a good day for Mining and should be many good years ahead for Argentina and it's citizens. Argentina President Mauricio Macri's own estimation is that over 125,000 jobs will be provided to citizens of Argentina, and all they had to do was make their regulations reasonable with their new Mining Act. Perhaps one day, mining will be as proliferous and prosperous as it is in much of the rest of the world. I always enjoyed their excellent beef and pasta dishes they serve there, especially when washed down with their fine Malbec wine.

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