ClimateGate Gets Murky

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
August 1, 2010

Well it appears that some scientists have jumped off the carbon warming religious crusade and have conducted some real science. What they discovered is that the sun's intensity, sunspots and lack of them have affected the weather tremendously. In fact the erruptions of sunspots have almost disappeared, something not before seen in recent history, and the expected results from this are cooler winters and warmer summers. Exactly what we are having, and it has nothing to do with carbon. But to prove this they used the scientific method, and published the results in "What's Wrong With The Sun", link to the article is below.

Although the purpose of their study was to determine the reason for the lack of solar flares (answering questions like "is the sun dying?"), their heretical work, in the eyes of the Al Gore believers, shows that carbon dioxide does indeed play only a role in the climate, but is not the generator of such devastation as the Al Gore Crusaders would have us believe. There are many other players involved, which have been not been receiving any serious scientific attention, due to political censure for "scientific heresy", as this is not the approved train of thought of the majority of nitwits holding PhD's these days. Reference the article below.

Article: What's Wrong With The Sun? in New Scientist

Milankovitch, weight of the polar ice caps, and solar intensity are the main culprits involved in rapid thawing of polar ice caps, according to another group of global carbon heretics, doing real science. Yes, the golbal carboners must be fit to be tied, as research being done relate other causes to climate change, and some even point out that the cliamte has been changing for billions of years (as if this could actually be news to anyone involved in science).

It appears that the polar bears are not being killed by coal fired power plants, but are being killed by overweight ice caps, that sink lower with each ton of ice, until they are low enough, where temperatures are warmer, that they melt, rather rapidly. Al Gore and his crusaders will not be happy with this, and might go do some arm twisting to these scientists, to get them to blame Coal Fired Power Plants for the polar bear demise. That way, the cool aid drinkers, of which Al Gore is their King, can take control of our lives, by enacting regulations to "save the polar bears".

It would seem that old caves, stalagmites, coral and Milankovitch again play a key role in explaining what is really happening with the climate. And it has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. Reference the article is below.

Article: "Meltdown Why Ice Ages Don't Last Forever in New Scientist

And the Idiot of the Year award goes to . . . . . .

"The Sign of an intelligent person is not the realization of all they know,
but rather the realization of all they do not know."
Charles Kubach 1979

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