A Dark America or The Liberal's War On Coal Goes Nuclear?

By Charles Kubach - Mine-Engineer.Com

The ever controlling tyranny of the Obama Administration has utilized the Dictatorial Ruling of the EPA to shut down 81% of the United States coal fired electricity production by the end of next year, 2015. For a preview of what will happen with these plants closed, one only needs to understand where 51% of the electricity originated during this unusually cold winter. Those coal fired power plants. Without them, next year, one could use solar cells for blankets, and burn windmills for momentary warmth, but most will freeze. "If you like your electricity, I will shut it off, just like I shut off your healthcare and doctor", the Dictator Obama appears to be saying.

Perhaps the Lying, Incompetent Obama Administration will respond, "we will get new power from new, EPA approved power plants we will build." That sounds like another grand lie they would propagate, however it is impossible, since it takes about 5 years to get a permit to build a power plant and 3-5 years to actually build one. In the meantime, citizens in frigid areas will turn into Obama Popsicles. Frozen humans in the LibTard delusional land they are planning for us. The old Soviet Union called such cold frozen places Gulags. Perhaps Obama will come up with a happier name, such as Conservative, Christian Heterosexual Repositories.

If anyone is unconvinced that our nation is being run by the largest collection of incompetent, socialists, and uber-bureaucrats out to simply expand their power and domain, then your brain no longer functions.

The real question is are Americans going to meekly march into the frigid wasteland, following the Piper Obama, as he plays idiotic melodies on his flute?

De-fang the EPA by de-funding it, rebuild it with sensible, competent personnel. Deny Obama by replacing the socialist traitors with honorable citizens that will follow the constitution and actually like Freedom and the USA. And finally, impeach the Grand Liar currently located at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Then one could begin the task of restoring the USA to the Greatest Nation on earth, and sensibility and responsibility to the government of the people, by the people and FOR the people. We will not need the UN's permission, either.

Alas, the War on Coal has turned into the war on Americans in cold climates, most of whom, in the frigid northeast, are the current President's greatest supporters. His gift to them will be a frigid death in a cold, dark winter in 2015 or 2016. Will they become Liberal Popsicles, or will they wake up and just say "no"?

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