Gold Long Term

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
July 20,2012

Gold is getting scarce. As reported by major gold mining companies, they have only discovered enough new major deposits to replace 56% of the current producing reserves. Over 50% of these new gold discoveries are in North and South America.

This means only one thing, gold is getting scarce and the price will rise, long term. So, those currently holding significant quantities of gold would be wise to hold on to this asset as it will significantly increase in value as current reserves are depleted and only about half of these reserves will be replaced. Gold will pass $2, 000 per ounce and head upwards, to $3,000 and beyond.

For those looking for a solid long term investment, gold is shining brightly and should be a part of any long term portfolio. Government currencies and paper is getting more worthless each day, with increased printing of money and spending soaring into the stratosphere. Flowery speeches by politicians can not stem the reality of their foolish fiduciary actions. Reality always wins over wishful thinking, and bemusing anecdotes. In the near future, gold, that precious yellow metal, will again reign as king of the assets, shining brightly until fiscal reality regains popularity among the Entitlement Nations of this planet, if that ever occurs. In Gold We Trust.

"The Sign of an intelligent person is not the realization of all they know,
but rather the realization of all they do not know."
Charles Kubach 1979

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