The Golden State To Become The Unemployed State

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
May 6, 2011

In 2002, the California state Mining & Geology Board passed a regulation that requires backfilling and flattening of mine waste piles at new open-pit metal mines. The rule is the toughest restriction on open-pit mining in the country. The regulations were introduced on " public health and safety" grounds, and provided for mined lands to be returned to a safe, usable condition - including through the complete backfilling of open-pit metallic mines. The Senate Bill (SB 22) also provided for the backfilling of open pit metals mines that are located near Native American sacred sites.

This was just another nail in the coffin of business in California, as the extremist, left winged legislature and political appointees with no knowledge of the industry they "regulate", legislated one more industry out of the state. The radical environmental movement has deep roots in California, in fact, it controls the state, politically. They may as well fly the Sierra Club Banner over Sacramento, because these politically motivated tree huggers are dictating the laws they want passed to give them control over the citizens lives.

Now for the facts. There is not one shred of scientific evidence that there is any health problem caused by open pits in the deserts of California, after all, a open pit is just another box canyon, and nature created quite a few of these in the West. As for safety, well, the same thing can be said, there is not one scientific fact that a open pit causes any safety concerns, unless some drooling Sierra Club member, high on their favorite drug, falls over the top of the pit trying to get a better view. And that would be a good argument for Darwin's Natural Selection law, survival of the fittest.

I understand that the government of California wants everyone to be employed by the government, as this state has the highest percent of population working for the government of the fifty states, but that is not what the United States of America is, or ever was about. It is about individuals, given the opportunity, using their own ideas and means to produce something that society wants, and thereby create a business, provide jobs and tax revenue, to support the government. And in turn the government provides a little regulation to ensure the public good, and to counteract the effects of excessive greed, and recklessness on the part of business. A little regulation, but what California has is Regulators Gone Wild, drunk with power, demented with delusions of grandeur, obsessed with exterminating every business they do not like. That is not government serving the people, that is government screwing the people, and that is California.

In the State of Kentucky, the government passed a law called SOAP, to benefit small mines. It does not have anything to do with hygiene, though, as it stands for Small Operators Assistance Program, whereby the government provides assistance for small mine operators to get permits and design their mines properly, by paying engineers and other technical professionals to do this for small operators that would not otherwise be able to do so. This small tax payer investment in business pays off better than the state lottery for the government, as many thousands of jobs are created, and hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue are generated each year that would not exist without this program. This is an example of government as it should be, helping business, helping the people, not exterminating business and screwing the people, as California does. I have personally met many owners of these mines that were millionaires because of this law and their success in mining, that would otherwise be unemployed and destitute if they had California's legislature. All of their employees and their families live a much better life because they have good jobs, and do not have to depend on the state or some minimum wage job to eek out some form of subsistence.

The bottom line is any business owner currently in California would increase profits significantly by moving to another state. Intel realized this, as they started in California, but have been building their plants outside of the state, including the most recent one, this year in Arizona. Californians just do not get it, as they keep re-electing the same extremist imbeciles to the legislature and government each year, with the exception of a few areas, which surprisingly vote Republican.

"The Sign of an intelligent person is not the realization of all they know,
but rather the realization of all they do not know."
Charles Kubach 1979

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