Golden Dreams Being Realized in Mexico

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
27 Oct., 2012

Mexico closed last year breaking into the top ten gold producers in the world, with their rich gold and silver mines. They are the worlds largest silver producer. The large government mining company, Penoles, is the largest silver producer in the country, and the world, but with many private companies, mostly US and Canadian, developing properties, the precious metal production is set to expand fairly rapidly in the near future in Mexico.

The Mexican State of Sonora is the largest gold producing region in Mexico, and recently the Mexico Goeological Service announced that three large sites with great potential for producing gold will be opened for mining, and mining companies may pursue the process of bidding on Sierra Prieta, Elena and Amelia mining tracts for the purpose of developing producing gold mines. Goldcorp, a Canadian company, is the largest gold producer in Mexico, currently, but that may change as the hottest market sector, gold, heats up south of the border.

With this development and infusion of billions of dollars into the local economy, many Mexican families and businesses will enjoy more prosperity and a higher standard of living due to the gold mining industry expansion. Mining jobs, like manufacturing, are generally high paying jobs, and the supplies and services that mines require will add significantly to the local economy, as well. It is all good for Mexico and Gold.

As you can see by the chart, below, that Mexico could easily rise up to the top 5 gold producers, and from there, who knows? The State Geological Service says that there are many more rich deposits in Mexico that have yet to be explored, and these may make them the number one gold producer in the world one day. Here's to Golden Dreams, Margaritas, Chile Rellenos. and, of course, gold.

Ranking Country 2011 Output (Tons) 2010 Output (Tons) Percent World Production
1 China 380 341 13.6%
2 Australia 272 260 9.8%
3 USA (Nevada) 243 236 8.7%
4 South Africa 221 209 7.9%
5 Russia 205 197 7.4%
6 Peru 156 163 5.6%
7 Ghana 102 92 3.7%
8 Canada 101 91 3.6%
9 Indonesia 97 128 3.5%
10 Mexico 82 72 2.9%
Rest of the world 930 33.3%
Total world gold production 2789

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but rather the realization of all they do not know."
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