Obama Jobs Program's First Results

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
Dec. 9,, 2009

Yes, this week produced fresh results for our Socialist Democrat President, Obama, as Consolidated Coal announced they were laying off 500 miners directly attributed to Obama Administration's EPA (Green Gestapo) over extending their authority to bully the coal industry. Yes that is change, from employed in a good high paying job, to unemployed receiving a government check for a fraction of the earned salary. The socialists in Washington are happy, 500 more government dependents they can control, one less coal mine producing coal to power 50% of the electrical power plants in the USA. That is change you can believe in. They also stated that more coal industry employees would become jobless as a result of the government's campaign to destroy the coal industry, lead by chief Socialist In Charge of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, (Coincidentally, the same person in charge of Green House Gas Regulations). One would suppose the rough house tactics being used to destroy the coal industry are the same all other businesses will be treated to as the EPA assumes Supremacy in regulating every facet of life, that produces CO2. People emit 1 ton of CO2 per year, so that puts every citizen of the US under their direct regulatory dictatorship.

I would suggest that the Obama administration should lead by example, and be the first citizens of the USA to not emit CO2 into the atmosphere, all they have to do is stop breathing. Inhaling is permitted, since it does not produce CO2, it is exhaling that produces CO2. I am certain that if the Obama administration would lead by example, the USA would be a much better place to live, more financially solvent, safer, full employment would soon follow. All EPA employees should have to follow the no breathing regulation, since they are the ones going to make the rest of the country pay for their folly. Then the EPA could actually hire some people with a functioning brain, preferably people that have actually worked in industry, so they would have some idea of what they were doing, but that is probably too radical of an idea for government, after all is our president qualified for his job? No, not in my opinion, he thinks he is organizing a community, the USA . I have never lived in a community that needed someone to organize it. I suppose if you actually make your own way in life, you do not want others "organizing" your life, you do it yourself.

Free people do not need government micro managing them, they need the government to stay out of their lives. Free people do not need the government to provide meaningless jobs, since they can come up with meaningful jobs that furnish something others need or want. Will there be any free people in the USA by the end of the Obama administration? That is the question.

"The Sign of an intelligent person is not the realization of all they know,
but rather the realization of all they do not know."
Charles Kubach 1979

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