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One Gram Per Ton

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
July 8, 2018

Just what is one gram of gold per ton of ore? Well, not much. As solid rock, one ton of typical rock (with a density of 165 pounds per cubic foot), would occupy a space of 2.1 feet by 2.1 feet and 3.04 feet high. Now, the gram of gold would occupy a space about the size of 4.6 mm (0.18 In.) diameter by 3.1 mm (0.12 In.) thick. And, that is if the gold were in one spot. But this is rarely the case, as it is more typically spread throughout the thirteen and three tenth’s cubic feet of rock. When it comes to gold, though the ton is a metric ton, or 2,200 lbs. Since there are a million grams in a metric ton, one gram per ton of gold, is one part gold in a 999,999 parts of rock and one part of gold, or one gram of gold in a million grams.

Now the problem modern gold miners face, is leaner resources, requiring larger volumes to be mined to produce one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of gold. For every gram of gold, 2,200 pounds of rock must be mined, crushed, and placed on a well designed heap leach, with a cyanide solution flowing through drip lines slowly dissolving the gold. However, a typical recovery in a heap leach is only 80%, so for all this work, only 0.8 grams of gold is recovered. And for every kilogram of gold (2.2 pounds), they must mine 1,250 metric tons of rock (@ 80% recovery).

Compare that to mines just 50 years ago that might have 1/2 Troy ounce of gold per ton of rock, (15.55 g per ton). There was 10 to 15 times as much gold per ton of rock in many mines, which meant the cost of mining was much less and , generally, the quantity of gold produced each year was much more, according to the demand for gold that year.

The invention of heap leaching, discovered and developed by the US Bureau of Mines, made the US one of the top five gold producers, as Nevada had huge reserves of gold disseminated in rock between 1- 4 grams/ton. It was not economical to mine, until heap leaching made it possible to mine large volumes of ore, place them on a suitably designed leach pad, with a drip, or spray, causing a dilute cyanide-water solution to flow through it for a few months and recover 80% of the gold as a gold-cyanide solution. The gold was then separated from the cyanide by adsorption to carbon or using a zinc precipitation plant.

So, since the US Bureau of Mines developed heap leaching in the 1970’s, Nevada has been in the top 5 gold producers in the world. This is, I think, the equivalent of IBM developing a super computer in 1980, instead of a 4.7 Hz personal computer that operated with two 5 inch floppy disk drives. But, there was no celebration, other than a few bottles of bourbon and a unknown number of cases of beer consumed, somewhere in the Nevada desert.

The economic impact on Nevada has been quite impressive, generating 29,000 jobs that pay $90,000 or more, $1.5 billion in salaries, $7.8 billion economic impact on the state, contributing over 6% of the entire state’s economic output. Yes, these are the type of jobs that used to be in most states, manufacturing, mining and producing goods that the USA and the world required.

This is also the type of jobs that have gone away, under outsourcing, unfavorable trade situations, and liberal politicians and greed destroying the middle class through the decimation of their lively hoods. They have created in place, a government dependent, class of low wage, low skilled work force that is dependent upon government programs for their survival.

Yes, the Democrat Party is the Socialist Party of America and their policies can only result in another Venezuela, the former Soviet Union, etc., etc. Yet they still find millions of gullible individuals to con into voting for a system that has failed 100% of the time.

The Democrat party emblem should be the skull and crossbones, instead of the Jackass, because it kills freedom, entrepreneurship, individualism, the will to improve, to invent, to flourish and consequently, be a great society. If socialism is left to fester long enough, it kills it’s citizens, as the system collapses in ruin, pulling all down to starvation, misery, and darkness until they finally die, or install a competent government to try to build something sound on the ashes of socialism.

However the gold that liberal politicians hate (because they can not control it’s value), could easily go to over $10,000 per ounce, as the socialists destroy the economy, and currencies, which would create a return to “In Gold We Trust”, because no government can manipulate gold, since there is a fixed quantity on this planet, and they can not create more with a printing press, or legislation.

That is part of the mystical lure of the precious metal. That is why it is called a Doomsday Metal, because when all man made financial instruments fall apart, gold remains as a instrument of value that can be traded worldwide. My question is “how stupid can society become, to think that a system, socialism, will work this time, when it has always failed miserably in the past?” Apparently, thanks to Propaganda Networks publishing “news”, and the extreme leftists running most educational facilities, it appears that we are almost there. When Good People Do Nothing, Evil Wins.

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