Everything Affects Weather

By Charles Kubach
15 October, 2010

The environmentalists scream that we need to use only renewable, environmental friendly energy sources, ones that do not affect the weather. What their emotional rants do not say is they have not rationally considered the environmental effects of their so called friendly solutions on the weather.

Lets take their favorite, solar energy. They claim it is free, and has no effects on weather. Sounds too good to be true, right? First of all, it is not free, it currently costs over twice what conventional produced electricity costs. This is because solar cells are only 20-25% efficient. Technology will improve with R & D, and in the future this cost will come down. The progressive solution is to force people to use their expensive, inefficient energy source, or have the government subsidize it with tax dollars. In either scenario, the US citizens will pay dearly for the progressive energy policy. That will mean a lower standard of living for them, since giving more income to fund government leaves less for themselves and their families.

But at what point does taking energy from sunlight and converting it to electrical energy begin to effect the weather? The sun's energy warms the ground, which in turn radiates back into the atmosphere to warm air currents which move weather patterns and cause weather conditions to form. By removing a percent of this energy, will it not effect weather patterns? Absolutely. The only question is when.

Now for wind. By removing the energy from wind, the primary mover of weather high pressure and low pressure formations, will it not effect the movement of these weather patterns? Absolutely. The only question is when.

Ocean current generators. These are also hailed as free energy by the progressives. So, by removing energy from ocean currents, primary movers and formers of weather on earth, will it not affect weather? Absolutely, it will, the only question is when.

So why have not these so called climate "scientists" not considered any of these ramifications to their proposed actions? They are not scientists, but quacks bent on progressing their political religion of leftist politics, gaining control of governments and our lives. By passing massive legislation controlling anything that they claim effects the climate, they can gain control of almost everything humans do in this modern age. That is their goal, not saving the planet, but rather controlling the planet. They use half truths, made up data (Climate Gate), and fear mongering, leading us to believe that if we do not do what they recommend, we will perish. We will perish as free people, if we do what they say, that much is for certain.

They continuously equate carbon based fuels with evil, and say we must stop using them. I agree that we must stop using foreign energy sources, for national security reasons, but half of all the oil ever discovered in the USA is still here. That's right, under current oil field technology, it is only possible to extract about half of the oil in any given reservoir. Using and developing enhanced oil recovery technology, it will be possible to recover much more oil from the existing, abandoned oil wells. This is a fact, since some of it is being done today, but on a very small scale.

The USA has enough coal to fuel all of out energy needs for between 200 and 500 years, depending upon which estimates one uses. It is possible to capture virtually all carbon released in burning fossil fuels and pressurize it to liquid form and store it underground. Many scientists have said there are at least enough existing formations to do this for the next 1,000 years. It is possible to economically extract hydrogen from coal and use it as a fuel. Hydrogen gives off only water as a by product.

So, we have many options to provide energy that a modern civilization requires, nuclear, coal, oil, solar, wind, hydroelectric, and many more, such a fuel cells. The environmental scientists and their progressive political goals only include their pet energy generators, the ones that will give them the most control. The government in the USA is supposed to be For the People, and By the People. We appear to have forgotten this, and allowed a group of progressive liberals to dictate to us what we must do, act, say, eat, behave, etc., etc..

It is time for the people to take back control, and use reasonable energy policies that do not infringe on our freedoms, and demand reasonable, well thought out energy policies, which minimize government interference in our lives, or we will cease to be the last free nation in the world. There is a place for all sources of energy in a good energy policy, not some emotional knee jerk reactionary policy, that is like the ones being proposed by the current administration. But rather create a comprehensive energy policy that will maximize the abundant resources of this country, the people, and our natural resources, and we will truly prosper well into the distant future. There is a place for solar, wind, nuclear, coal, oil and fuel cells in a good, workable energy solution for US energy independence, but it is not being considered by the current administration. They have sold out to the progressive leftists and bought in on their global carbon religion, lock, stock and barrel.

"The Sign of an intelligent person is not the realization of all they know,
but rather the realization of all they do not know."
Charles Kubach 1979

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