Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
January 14, 2011

Gold is hovering in the mid $1300's/oz., Copper and Gold mining is booming, other metal mining is doing well, industrial minerals are still in the gutter, and the mid-term elections illustrated the disgust of the American people with Obama's socialistic policies. Now the Socialist Wolf (Obama), is pulling a Clinton, by donning Sheep's Wool, to pull the wool over the American people's eyes. "I am not a socialist", Obama says, "I am a moderate". Same thing he said during the campaign, but did exactly the opposite, with his socialistic policies and legislation, promoting big government, repressing Constitutional Rights, and handing out entitlements for every leftist voter block, like Santa Claus.

Realizing the real possibility of early retirement, Obama is pulling out all the lies, smoke and mirrors from his bag of tricks, to get 4 more years to wreak havoc on the USA. The Big Pretense that he is pragmatic, and moderate will be propagandized to the nth degree in the next two years, touting the moderate Obama, will be pushed by the Liberal Propaganda Networks (ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC), and the White House/Chicago Mob (Democratic Party PR, Leftist Spinners, White House Press Secretary, etc., ect.) and the American people will be fed a constant diet of "Moderate Crap", promoting all actions of the President as "moderate" actions. All the while, they will attempt to push as much of their leftist agenda as they can get away with until after the 2012 elections, when if they win, they will take up where they left off and attempt to shove the most radical, leftist, socialist agenda ever known to the American people down our throats (Again).

Obama thinks we, the people, can not understand what is good for us, are stupid and will believe his pretty speeches, and glorified BS. His agenda has not changed, it is merely taking a different route to socializing the USA. He will continue his assault on the Constitution, continue restricting the rights of the Free People of the USA, expanding the power of the Federal Government to control as much of our lives as he can get congress to go along with, promoting anti business legislation to over regulate, tax, extract fees from business to fund his malformed ideas, and unemployment will remain at 9% or higher. When considering the real unemployment rate, including those Americans that have simply given up looking for jobs that are not out there, it is 18% to 20%, however the invisible job seekers are ignored, in order to paint a rosy picture for the press.

So don't sell that gold, yet, it will come in handy in the next two years, and for the next six years, in the event the American People fall for the Wolf's spinning of events.

"The Sign of an intelligent person is not the realization of all they know,
but rather the realization of all they do not know."
Charles Kubach 1979

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