Updated: 8 May, 2008
Black Coal, The Green Fuel

Black Coal, The Green Fuel
By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
10 May, 2008

Tree huggers tell us that we must use renewable fuels, that fuels that burn are evil, the Anti-Christ of their Global Warming Religion. Science, however, consists of facts and reality, not wishful thinking and wild dreams. Tree huggers tell us that the dirtiest of all fuels is coal, and that there is no way to make it clean. Science, however, tells us a different story. Coal can be not only the cleanest fuel, but it can be a fuel in many forms. In its solid form, it can be burned with scrubbers that can separate the CO2 from the exhaust gasses, giving no CO2 emissions. There are currently two technologies that have been developed and the one getting all the press is capture the CO2 and bury it. This would involve separating the CO2 from the stack gasses, and pressurizing it to transform it into liquid CO2. The liquid CO2 would then be buried beneath the sea, in a old oil field, or a sandstone formation that has impermeable rock above and beneath it, creating a reservoir. By current estimates, there are enough of these storage areas to hold 1000 years of CO2.

Another method of capturing CO2 is to react it with a lime slurry and convert it into a solid rock, where it can not leak or come out. Scientists of Los Alamos National Labs have developed this process. Another similar process, developed at Laurence Livermore National Labs involves converting CO2 into a bicarbonate and placing it into the sea. Here, it will have much beneficial results on marine life. The beauty of these two methods is that they can actually remove CO2 directly from the atmosphere, regardless of the source of the CO2 .

Coal can be converted to pure hydrogen, and has been in many R&D programs and pilot facilities. Pure hydrogen gives off water (H2O) when burned. Automobiles, planes, power plants and industrial processes can be operated on hydrogen. Gas stations could pump real gas instead of gasoline. Japan, for instance, has had automobiles operating on LPG gas since the 1970's, and many service stations that pump gas (not gasoline) into suitable autos, so it is not only possible, it is only a matter of building the infrastructure to convert liquid fuel pumping stations into gas pumping stations. Existing automobiles could be converted to run on hydrogen, no long period of design and production required.

Since solar cells are 15% to 25% efficient, wind generators are only good where there is a lot of wind, and they are expensive to purchase and maintain, oil is becoming prohibitively expensive, why are we not using coal? I can think of no good reason, other than the Environmental Organizations, the ones that have the entire Democratic Party in their pockets, do not like Black Coal. Are we going to let these wishful thinkers and believers in their Global Hysteria Religion dictate the future of the citizens of the US and the world?

God help us if we do. By the time we travel down their green road to nowhere, we will end up with little power furnished at a price only the wealthy can afford, and will have squandered our resources on wishful thinking and bad ideas. Entire industries will disappear and our advanced technology will become cave man technology. Light will be furnished by candles. The only jobs will be planting trees and recycling what the holy trinity of the environmental movement deem "recyclable", without regard to the cost. In other words, society will be doomed to regressing into the low tech past.

Black Coal, or better yet, Green Coal is the savior. Use it, and use it now. Everyday we wait, we are held ransom to the whims of some sheiks in the Mid East.. They just want our money, all of our money. Coal's time has come and it is now.

But that's just my opinion.
Charles Kubach

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