Updated: 10 Jan., 2007
A Cost Effective and Sane Method of Controlling CO2 In The Atmosphere
By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com 10 January, 2007

A group of scientists, Greg H. Rau 1 , Kevin G. Knauss 2 , Ken Caldeira 3 , and Julio Friedmann2 have been working on a method to remove CO2 from the atmosphere using a method that is both cost effective, and practical for virtually all CO2 emissions. This is similar to the method used by a group at Los Alamos National Labs, and it involves capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and converting it into a bicarbonate, which can then either be utilized by placing into the oceans or water table. In the oceans, it will have significant benefits on marine life, as well. "In addition to low-cost CO2 mitigation, disposal of the resulting bicarbonate-enriched water into the ocean could benefit marine life."

Their cost estimates for abating one ton of CO2 is $3-$4, by far the least expensive method of doing so. This method also mimics the natural weathering of limestone, it would simply speed up the process. The abundance of sea water would make it possible to theoretically abate all CO2 emissions form all fossil fuels on the planet, and then some.

Why, then, is no one looking seriously at this method? Tree huggers and their desire to control our lives and shove their left winged philosophy down our throats, has the environmental movement pushing oppressive legislation to destroy industry. The radical environmental movement does not care about the planet, or the citizens on it. They just care about their ability to justify their existence, raise money and gain more political influence.

A number of these left winged clowns have made some threatening comments to me. I say to them "come on you low life, moronic communist clowns, make my day". I have never seen a liberal that could find their way out of a paper bag with a bright neon sign at one end, so I would relish the task of dealing with them, if they so choose to act on their lame words.

Since the scientists that authored the paper presented their ideas very clearly, I won't attempt to duplicate their words here, but the link below will bring up their paper, in Acrobat Reader format. Make up your own mind, informed with valid scientific reasons and a procedure that will not bankrupt the industries of this nation, is proven to work, does not require any international organization, such as the worthless UN to approve, and will have many additional benefits to the marine life in our seas.

1 Institute of Marine Sciences, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA 95064 USA (rau4@llnl.gov, 925-423-7990)
2 Energy and Environment Directorate, LLNL, Livermore, CA 94550 USA
3 Dept. Global Ecology, Carnegie Institution, 260 Panama St., Stanford, CA 94305 USA

CO2 Paper (pdf file)
But that's just my opinion.
Charles Kubach
10 January, 2007

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