Updated: 20 Jan., 2007
Environmentalists Declare War on Mining
South of the Border

By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
20 Jan., 2007

A Greenie named Payat Sampal with the Communist Environmental Organization, Earthworks, recently stated to a sympathetic left winged reporter, that "new mines employ relatively few people and generate large amounts of waste proportionate to the metal created". This moron is leading a campaign in South and Central America to stop any mining activity.

Let's look at his statements in more detail.

(1) "New mines employ relatively few people."

Well, if living on a agarian subsistence of a hundred dollars per year is his idea of living, the local inhabitants meet this standard, without any mining. However I think that 200-300 of these local inhabitants would enjoy the benefits of earning $20,000 to +$40,000 per year, working for a mining company that would invest hundreds of million of dollars to put in a mine, and support the mine and local community. The local people that sold the employees and the company supplies, appliances, autos, etc., would also benefit, by deriving a good income, thereby employing hundreds more just supporting the mine and the workers at the mine. This would make several thousand local citizens that actually benefit from the company operating a mine in their area.

I have seen these little villages, where the residents barely had enough to eat, suddenly were able to afford new houses, trendy clothing and toys for their children, new autos to drive, televisions and modern appliances to enhance their lifestyle, provide a better education for their children, and medical care from the mine provided medical insurance for them and their family. Now I know that in a communist regime, the government provides everything, the problem is no one has anything, but they all have nothing equally, so the communists would say they should be happy, with their equal share of nothing. So, under Mr. Sampal's scenario, no mining, no jobs, and no hope for bettering themselves or their children's future prospects is perfectly acceptable. Somehow I do not believe the residents would agree, if they knew this is the future communist environmentalists and Earthworks had in mind for them.

(2) They "generate large amounts of waste proportionate to the amount of metal created".

Now, if Mr. Sampal had an education in engineering, science, or anything for that matter, he would realize that hundreds of years ago, the ores that were available were very rich in metal and there was no need to construct large mines to obtain a ton of metal. That ore has long since been mined, though and what is left is low grade or very low grade ore, that requires a large volume to be mined to make it profitable and justify investing hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars in the mine. It actually takes the knowledge, technology and skill of many scientists, engineers and geologists to devise a way to mine ore that contains a few grams of gold per ton of rock and make it profitable. This is just a simple historical fact, and it is also reality. Today's mines have to be larger, to mine the same tonnage of metal and minerals required for the ever growing demand for products for the public. Virtually everything that one uses exists because someone mined some of the materials that produced it. I suppose Mr. Sampal and his communist environmental organization would rather have us living in caves, like the pre-historic humans did. That way, no one would need to mine anything. I do not think that the majority of people living on this planet would agree with Mr. Sampal, though. It is human nature to want better conditions for their children, and this is how humanity has progressed from the caves to the modern world, and how it will progress to meet the demands of the future. If society regresses back to the caves, humanity will, most likely, perish in a very short time, because they will not have the resources to solve the problems that the future will bring.

Mr. Sampal and his communistic environmental organization also resent the huge foreign investment that mining companies make in the Central and South American countries, to develop mines, hire the local people to work in the mines, pay local taxes, build the local economy, and greatly improve the quality of life for all the local areas near mines. Companies risk millions or billions of dollars when they invest in a foreign mine, because if people like Mr. Sampal are successful in brainwashing the local citizens, they will loose their investment, and the local citizens will pay the price, with no jobs, no money to put into their local community, including medical care and education, local businesses will close, and their future will be very dark and bleak.

So there you have it in a nutshell, follow the bad ideas of the communist tree huggers, and have nothing but grief and misery, or allow the free enterprise system to provide employment and economic activities for the local citizens, whether the capital is foreign or domestic.

Today's mining companies are very responsible citizens of the community, whether they are located in Nevada or Chile. They conduct their business responsibly, with regard to their employees, the local community and the environment. They use the best science and technology to plan and conduct their operations, which will produce the materials the world needs and allow them to make a return on their sizeable investment, while minimizing the impact on the local environment and returning the land to a productive use after mining is completed. Virtually no newspaper, television media program, movie, etc. will ever show the real side of mining companies, because they have bought into the left winged tree hugger philosophy, and they only produce propaganda for the communist, tree hugger organizations under the guise of news, science and other pseudonyms.

But that's just my opinion.
Charles Kubach
15 Jan, 2007

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