Updated: 8 May, 2008
By Charles Kubach, Mine-Engineer.Com
8 May, 2008

A hundred and fifty years ago the Wild West was saturated with criminals, thieves, murders and low life humans of all types. They routinely stole everything in site, until they were hanged or shot. Today, the thieves wear green. Like the Environmental Defense Fund and a host of other tree hugger groups that forced the Tejon Ranch, a 270,000 acre property, located in the Eastern Deserts of California, that has been around for 160 years, to give up 90% of their land for the tree hugger preserve. In return, the "Environmental Extortionists" graciously stopped their legal maneuvers to halt any development on this land and will "allow" the development of 25,000 residences. As if giving up 90% of their property was not enough, the Green Extortionists forced the property owners to provide $800,000 a year to fund their "conservation efforts".

The Republican Governor of California said it was a good deal. Good for whom? The landowners that got thoroughly hosed? I do not think so. Good for the Green Extortionists? Definitely, their haul from this extortion was huge, but it is merely one of many they perpetrate on property owners in America. The liberal communist government agencies in California also agreed that it was a good deal. I suppose if you own too much land, you are considered "rich" and it must be taken from you, because only the government and radical environmentalists know best how to use it. Just liker they know best how to use our tax money. Since they cannot tax property owners out of existence, they revert to extortion. Do as I say or you will not do anything. Extortion! Again, the liberal left tramples on the constitutional rights of property owners, and all business that attempts to do anything they do not like, and the government backs them up.

Once upon a time the rights of property owners were regarded as highly as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nowadays, property owners are under siege from all sides, the government wanting to condemn a individual's house to put in a shopping mall, environmental activists wanting to take the land for some type of "preserve", to make certain that no human ever uses the land for anything again.

Preserve, preserve, preserve. The rights of the people, those people that the government is supposed to serve (that by the people for the people thing) has been long ago forgotten, and the people get the shaft. The purpose of society is not to preserve the planet as it was, it is constantly changing, and the attempts to preserve it will only end in failure. There have been four extinction events that we know of, and two of them eliminated 90% of all life on the planet. Why were they not preserved, if it was our mission to preserve? Ignorance, and the thirst for power drives the green movement, along with their desire to shove their religion down our throats. Their religion is Environmentalism, whatever they describe as environmentalism, that is.

The Endangered Species Act is fundamentally flawed. It has done nothing that would not have occurred without it, but it has been used as a legal tool by the radical environmentalists to extort property and the rights of property owners for the last 20 years. It has wasted trillions of dollars that could have been put to productive use. It has caused and causes so much grief to landowners that it could qualify as torture. It is time to repeal the Endangered Species Act, and return the Constitutional Rights to the property owners. Put the extortionists where they would have ended up 150 years ago, at he end of a rope or in prison.

The constitution has become so many empty words, and the citizens of the USA accept each new violation like sheep being led to the slaughter. Words mean nothing if no one will stand up to the vermin that would disregard their meaning and to do their dirty deeds. It is time to stand up for our rights, or future generations will not have any. Stop Green Extortion Today!


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