Updated: 26 Oct., 2008
Employment In Mining Vs. Employment In The Green Industry

Manufacturing and mining has always been the mainstay of the middle class, It provided good paying jobs for those with high school education and trade skills, as well as professionals with post secondary education. It made the United States the envy of the world, as anyone willing to work could own a home and live in relative comfort. Bad decisions by industry leaders in not modernizing their respective plants to take advantage of the most recent technology, combined with increased competition from emerging countries led to the stream of manufacturing moving offshore, to take advantage of lower costs and lower wages. Unreasonable regulations pushed by those in the green movement hastened many industries to jump ship and build their factories in foreign lands.

Today, very few consumer goods are manufactured in the USA. The government said we were going to become a service society, where we would provide "services" instead of products. It turned out that people making half what they once did, did not need these "services" because they could not afford them. Now, the left winged Democrats want to replace what is left of the industry jobs, industries they intend to tax and regulate out of business, with Green Jobs. Apparently they have no understanding of economics. Non productive green jobs will not provide the exponential monetary growth to the economy that manufacturing and mining jobs do. If one manufactures a product that others require, they are filling a need, buying material, providing work for many small businesses, as subcontractors, paying good wages, as the demand for these products will justify, paying taxes that the government can waste, providing employees with disposable income to purchase whatever they can afford, and all is well. This is the free enterprise system, the basis of the US economy, and has been since the country won it's independence from Great Britain.

In the Green Economy, the government will regulate what approved environmental products will be manufactured by the green industries, removing the great ingenuity of the American people from the equation. They have been coming up with a better "mousetrap", when challenged to do so. Instead, they will be told which mousetrap is better by Congress, or some other equally worthless governmental organization. In a free enterprise system, the incentive to come up with the better mousetrap, is money. If there is actually a demand for such a product, the American people that like to make money, will spend time and capital in this pursuit, and will come up with many good methods to accomplish catching the mice and rats of the world, at a fraction of the cost of any government program. Under the Green Program, we, the American people, will end up with products that function poorly, cost a fortune and don't accomplish the intended task, because there is no reason, or incentive to do so.

One only need look at the former Soviet Union to see that socialism and communistic styles of government are abject failures. One only need to look at similar examples of the US governmental programs to arrive at the same conclusion.

In the 1960's Lyndon Johnson proclaimed that the government had declared war on poverty and would wipe it out. One of their major focuses was East Kentucky. People were living in shacks without indoor plumbing and no industries to work in, which meant no hope of getting out of poverty. But in steps the government, with many government programs and billions of tax dollars, all aimed at wiping out poverty. They failed. It was not until mining companies decided to invest money and put in coal mines, which provided high paying jobs, hiring the local residents, did poverty begin to diminish in this area.

Today East Kentucky is not much different from any other affluent middle class rural area. There are shopping malls, nice houses everywhere, theaters, restaurants, etc.. All because there is industry that produces coal required for electricity to power the modern world. All because enterprising miners saw the profit potential in the black gold in those hills of East Kentucky, and developed profitable methods of mining and processing the coal to meet the needs of their clients, and risked billions of dollars to put in the mines, which produced a much needed and desired product, clean coal. The same billions that the 1960's Liberal Democrats wasted in their War On Poverty. I have met many East Kentucky residents that became millionaires from owning and operating their small businesses, coal mines. This would never happen in any government program. No one would have an incentive to try.

More recently, the little town of Elko Nevada is another good example of free enterprise and how it effects the economy and lives of citizens. In the 1970's, Elko was a sleepy little farm town, where the working class had little income and little hope to ever get any more income. Then came the invention of heap leaching gold with dilute cyanide solutions. This made the low grade gold reserves around Elko profitable to mine. Mining companies began flocking there, investing hundreds of billions of dollars in new mines and plants, and today the workers in these gold mines earn very good salaries around $100,000/year. Considering the low cost of living in Elko, this enables them to enjoy a very high standard of living. The government had nothing to do with this boom, no incentives, no investment, no nothing, except for a bunch of new regulations that made it more difficult for them to conduct business. The Free Enterprise System provided the jobs, the opportunity, and all was from companies making well over $250,000/year. That is what made America great, the enterprising people that, when given a chance to do well, will find a way to do so.

The green movement would ban coal and cyanide, because they do not like it. They do not understand that using cyanide is as safe as cooking a meal. Both will kill you if done by an idiot, but many people have died from bad food and no one has died from cyanide poisoning from a mine. They do not understand that by using existing technology, coal can produce energy as clean as any Green Energy Source, and at a fraction of the cost. They do not care about cost, or the effects of their bad ideas, though, they spend our money and we pay the cost. In other words, the left winged liberal green movement do not have a clue.

They now want to enact their New Green Economy, which is socialism, and send us the bill, since the government does not have any money they only have our money. They, and their leader, Barack Hussein Obama, claim the old economy is no longer relevant. Again they do not have a clue. The Free Enterprise System is what made America the greatest country in the world and is what will keep it as the greatest country in the world. Socialism (their new economy) will turn the USA into another large, third world country, where everyone will have government regulations dictating what they can do, how they can do it, and they will have no incentive to ever try to invent, produce or create anything better than what government regulations tell them is "good enough".

In England they have a saying, "God Save The Queen". Will we need to adapt this to "God Save The USA"?

I certainly hope not.

But that's just my opinion.
Charles Kubach

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