Updated: 8 Feb. 2008
Tree Hugger Corner

This section will have information and articles relative to environmental issues, as they might effect mining and the energy industries, as well as anything I might feel like revealing about the banality of Left Winged Tree Hugger Activities.

  Everything Affects the Weather
Oct. 15, 2010
  What the scientists do not tell you about environmental friendly energy sources.
  Environmentalists take control of Tejon Ranch, 270,000 acres, with the government's blessing.   Environmentalists extort hundreds of thousand acres of private land from landowners
 Coal Fired Power Plants Must Remove Mercury From Exhaust Gasses - - - 8 Feb., 2008

Friday, 8 Feb., 2008 is the date a Federal Appeals Court ruled that a rule of the EPA that permitted trading mercury pollution credits violated the Clean Air Act, and that meant coal fired power plants must remove the mercury from the air, using the "best technology available". Read about this and possible solutions Court mandates removing mercury from coal in power plants. How it can be economically accomplished
  Everybody knows they're not really endangered, we just need them to stop mining
  The Actual Energy Economics of the "Green" Hybrid Automobiles   Everybody knows they're not really endangered, we just need them to stop mining
California's CO2 Folly    Cost Effective Solar Energy For The Home
  Tree Huggers Exposed   Sustainable Resources and Other Fairy Tales
  The Environmentalists Destroyed The City of New Orleans! Will Mining Survive the Eco Terrorists? 
  Environmentalists Declare War On Mining South of the Border    Mercury Emissions From Coal Fired Power Plants 
A Cost Effective and Sane Method of Controlling CO2 In The Atmosphere   


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