A OSCAR (Astronotus ocellatus),a member of the Chiclid Family of fish, with the traditional Tiger Markings. Oscar's are native to South America and are commonly called one of the "Friendliest Tropical Fish" The Oscar in the photo weigh's about 1.5 lbs. and is 17 inches in length. Most Oscar's grow to a length of 12-14 inches. Oscars are known for their hearty appetite, especially when young (<1 year). Their favorite food is goldfish. This Oscar has consumed as many as 15 goldfish at once, although one or two is usually enough. 
  The normal view of an Oscar 
  Angel Fish, (Petrophyllum scolare), native to Brazil, Angel Fish are members of the Chiclid Family of fish. This Angel has marbled markings. The traditional Angel Fish has stripped type markings. Angel fish like lots of plants to weave through and occasionally hide among.