The Red Devil is Native to Nicaraga, and is a member of the Cichlid Family.   They are aggressive and territorial fish, much like most cichlids.  Rdevilyg.jpgYoung Red Devil
The Chocolate cichlid is named for its chocolate color.  They are native to Brazil.  One of their characteristics is their ability to change color, ranging from a reddish color to almost purple, almost instantly.  When this photo was taken, this fish turned from a chocolate color to a reddish brown.  Choccic.jpg
Chocolate Cichlid

Cichlasoma corypaenoides

The Jewel Fish is also a member of the Cichlid Family.  It is a very aggressive, almost savage fish.  In the tank with it was a Oscar, which outweighed it by 1.5 lbs., so it did not bother the Oscar, and remarcably, the Oscar did not bother the Jewel Fish. 

Jewl Fish
Jewel Fish
Hemichromis bimaculatus