These small cichlids are native to the Lake Malawi region of Africa, are very aggressive and this one would never stay still long enough to get a descent photo without using a high shutter speed.  So the photo is slightly blurred by movement.  I suppose they move so much to keep from being eaten by the larger fish in the lake region they dwell in  Afrcn.jpg (14425 bytes)
African Cichlid
Melanochromis crabo
The Firemouth Cichlids are native to Mexico, and have a very red coloring around the gills and mouth.  They are moderately sociable with other cichlids and made good tank fish.  When they are happy, their red coloring is more pronounced, and most vivid when mating or fighting.  Firem.jpg (15175 bytes)
Firemouth Cichlid
Cichlasoma meeki
One of the more popular cichlids, the Jack Dempsey makes a good tank fish.  They are aggressive and are adept fighters, however they are not usually bullies, and other fish soon learn not to bother them. 

Jdemps.jpg (20122 bytes)
Jack Dempsey
Cichalasoma biocellatum