These small cichlids are native to the Lake Regions of Africa, are very aggressive.  Their color is silver with occasional bluish hues highlighting the fin area.  They are best kept with other african cichlids of small aggressive cichlids.  afcicl2.jpg
Zebra Cichlid
Pseudotropheus Zebra

The Traditional Angel Fish have the Tiger Stripe markings, as this fish has.  The fish in the photo is a female fish, although is is almost impossible to tell the sex of an Angelfish by sight.  A good clue, though, is when they lay eggs in the tank.  afishnat.jpg (15405 bytes)
Traditional Angel Fish
Petrophyllun Scolare
A Non-Chiclid, the Silver Dollar, resembles the Spotted Piranah, but they are not of the same species, perhaps a distant cousin.  They are relatively mild mannered, and I have them in with my Angel Fish.  They are good tank fish, but should not be with aggressive fish.  slvrdol.jpg (15804 bytes)
Silver Dollar
Melynnis Maculatus