cabor.jpg (32364 bytes) Cabo Real Golf Club
Cabo San Lucas, MEXICO

Cabo Real,located in Cabo San Lucas Mexico, the course is the Cabo Real Golf Club, (Official Name) and it is rated as one of the top 100 golf courses in the world.  The location is beautiful, I played it late September, early October and it was 90 degrees F with humidity of 90%+.  Actually too hot to play golf, but when the opportunity to play several of the worlds top courses presents itself, I play.  The course pro said that the winter months December, Jan, Feb, were the best times to play this course, since temperatures are much milder (70-80 deg F)  To say this course is difficult is an understatement.  Notice the small green spots, these are the fairways and greens.   Note the brown area, which is comprised of sand, rocks and dessert shrubs and plants that must eat golf balls, (most of the photo), this is the rest of the course.  I played the course 3 times, and I only found one ball hit into the rough.  (hole 18)   Hole 15 is on the sea, next to the Cabo Real Resort (where I stayed), and 13, 14, 16 have a nice seaside view.  The winds can be a factor on the holes near the sea.   From the Blue Tees, the coarse distance is 6,437 and a slope rating of 128.   It plays like a 140 slope, since straight shots are more important than long shots on this course, but there are some holes that require both to be there to hit par or even bogie.  Some greens were under repair when I played, but the un-repaired greens were extremely challenging for my putting game, however I was up to it since I only 3 putted one green (on my best day).  My best scores range from 95 to +100, when the driver is bad! (I parred 1, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17 - but not in the same game, unfortunately) a  Needless to say, 18 is a bear, a good finishing hole.    Service attendants were everywhere, caddies are available.  It is indead a GREAT course, I played it in 2-1/2 to 3 1/2 hours every time I played this course.  Green fees are $145 (I only paid $80, you can get deals from the hotels), clubs may be rented for $25/day (I rented mine, Cobra oversize irons and woods).    A great course to play.  I  play it when in town. 
cabor8.jpg (28530 bytes)The 8th Hole At Cabo Real.  I parred this hole one day, and tripple bogied it on another.  Looks easy, but watch out.  The view is from the blue tee.   The blue tee is about 100 feet higher in elevation than the green.  It is a 329 yard par 4 and, as I found out, if your ball barely clears the rough, there is a lot of trouble lurking behind it.  This is a good place to hit a 260+ yard drive, 220-250 may get you into trouble.  What a hole.  I got lucky one day and nailed a 270 yarder from the blue tee, and it was 10 feet from a bunker, and I pitched onto the green with a wedge, 2 putted for par (the only time I parred this hole). 


cabor9.jpg (22492 bytes)The 9th Hole at, Cabo Real, a 385 yard par 4 with a bit of water and sand.  I never hit the water but one day I hit the bunkers, yes both bunkers - hit out of one and hit into the other.  The next time, I parred this hole, when I smoked my 5 wood to the green.  The green was under repair, so I took the 2 put rule and was at par.   The water is 262 yards from the blue tee, and about 130 yards to cross the water.  Not as bad as it looks.

cabor15.jpg (19720 bytes)Hole No 15, Cabo Real, a 149 yard par 3.  Hitting the green is easy, staying on it is another story.  The day I parred it, I hit the green, the ball rolled off, I chipped to within 2 feet and one putted.  Those sea breezes can also cause havoc as they did one day when about a 35 MPH crosswind put my tee shot into the ocean.  Don't hook on this hole, it'll be fishfood.

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