Heartwell Golf Course
6700 Carson St.
Long Beach , CA

18 Hole Par 3 COURSE
Total Yards - 2,143 (Blue Tee's)
Slope Rating: N/A Par: 54
Public Course with $16 Green Fees

This Par 3 course is a good place to work on the Short Game. I developed mine here. Hole distances range from 75 - 140 yards, greens are usually large, but most are guarded by bunkers. Water is in play on several holes. Play can be slow, since many golfers of meager skills try out their game here. Usually the Ready Play Golf Rules help keep play moving along, though. Normally, 9 holes of a Par 3 is more than enough for me, but occasionally I play the 18. Every time I play this course I tell myself I should shoot par. It looks so easy, but My best score is 3 over on 9 holes and 6 over for 18 holes. I like to play it because the chance for a Hole In One is very good. Some day . . . . Overall I would say it is an easy course, but good to play for work on the short game. Sometimes I aim for the sand trap just to practice my sand shots! Below, is the course layout and scorecard