Golf has been described as "the greatest game ever played", and to those that do not play, they can not begin to understand how this could be true. To all those that do play, one needs only to step up to the tee box and contemplate striking the little white ball and making it go straight 250 or more yards, then swing the club and watch the ball's flight. It may crash into a tree, or disappear into the rough, but on those occasions where it flies straight and true, visions of PGA Greats come to mind, as the white comet sails through the blue sky and lands on the short green grass.
Now, to do it again, this time with an iron and make it land on the green . . .

And on those days where the strokes keep adding up to way too big numbers, just remember that the additional exercise expended in hitting the ball all of those "extra" times is good for you.
What a game!

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