12442 Tustin Ranch Road

Tustin, CA 92782

(714) 730-1611

"The course was designed by Ted Robinson and opened in 1989 as the focal point of Irvine Company's Tustin Ranch development. It immediately gained a reputation as one of Southern California's best public golf courses. The course sits on 165 well maintained acres and features gently rolling fairways, majestic palm and eucalyptus trees, sparkleing water elements and small, tricky greens. . . . . . .Weekday green fees for non-members are $80 for 18 holes . Weekend green fees for non-members are $120.00 for 18 holes . "

The above is in quotes, because it was written by the course. I have played this course several times, and it has ranged from a bad day to a so-so day. (My handicap is 22) Some days are like that. However, being an objective golfer, I would say this course is a GREAT course to play. The "rolling" fairways are actually a little hilly, giving uphill or downhill lies. (Being from Long Beach, CA this place is flat as a pancake and so are most of the courses). Trees are in play and there is plenty of water (Tustin is in the desert area and is normally dry, however the magic of large pumping stations bring water where required). The bunkers were in excellent shape, sand that the sand wedge would just flow through like a warm knife through butter. And as I have had a bad day on this course, I hit out of most of them (or so it seamed). The rough was really rough, but I found all balls but one. (On my rough scale, if you find the ball, it is definitely not a 10) trees, however posed a problem, since some were strategicaly placed where my errant shots ventured, and posed a problem that only Tiger Woods and a few others could have come out of unscathed. The greens were in perfect shape (as was the whole course), and they actually had a enough "softness " to stop a ball hit on them. They were fairly fast and challenging, with breaks ranging from simple to complex. All in all, it is a Great Course to play, and I will be playing it again and again (until I get it right).

Hole No 9

Hole No. 18