Updated: June 28,2008
New California Air Quality Rules Affect Mining
28 June, 2008

Today, CARB posted the final approved language of the off-road diesel construction equipment rule it passed last summer. This rule - which significantly impacts your business - is now in effect and although some provisions of the regulation need a

federal waiver before they can be implemented, the Board is enforcing the idling and sales notification requirements immediately. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in LARGE FINES.

Next Wednesday, June 25th, CARB will be holding an Off-Road Implementation Advisory Group Meeting from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in El Monte. This is an opportunity for you get your questions answered about this rule and its enforcement. The meeting is schedule to take place at:

California Air Resources Board
Annex 4 Auditorium/Conference Room
9530 Telstar Avenue
El Monte, CA 91731

In addition, if you have any questions regarding this rule please contact us via email at info@cbcc.com.


As you know, CARB has also moved on to its proposed on-road diesel truck and bus replacement rule. We need your help to make sure we can effectively advocate for YOU as this rule is developed. We need to be able to quantify the differences between the construction industry and other truck operations.

To do this the Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition (CIAQC) has developed an online survey for contractors who own and operate heavy-duty diesel-fueled on-road trucks (greater than 14,000 pounds) in California.

THE INFORMATION REQUIRED FOR THIS SURVEY WILL ALSO BE REQUIRED BY CARB ONCE THIS RULE IS APPROVED. Take the time to compile it now and take the survey so that we can use it to your advantage.

Info from Construction Industry Air Quality Coalition
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