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A Bit of Good News For Coal?
(Aug. 28, 2014)

Turn Out The Lights, The Party Is Over
(Apr. 21, 2014)

Coal, The Black Fuel, Struggles in 2013
(Feb. 17, 2013)

Everything Affects Weather
(Oct. 15, 2010)

ClimateGate Gets Murky (Aug. 1, 2010)

Early Results Of Obama Jobs Program
(Dec, 9 2009)

Obama Declares War On Coal

Senator Fienstein Joins The War On Coal
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Preiser Scientific, located in Nitro West Virginia, is probably the world's largest supplier of coal laboratory equipment. Their coal equipment range includes air drying ovens, ash fusion systems, ash furnaces, free swelling index, hardgrove grindability testers, sulfur analyzers, BTU calorimeters, volatile matter furnaces, hammermills, crushers, pulverizers, sample splitters, sieves, sieve shakers, and a large variety of lab equipment.

For more information on their products, click on the Preiser Scientific Logo above.

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