At Left, A Remote High Desert Mining Exploration Camp, complete with temporary living buildings, diamond drill rigs, and makeshift office/lab.

Field geologists standing in front of core boxes from the drilling rig. These cores have been logged as to their location, depth and rock type, now they are destined for the lab for further testing to determine if they have any valuable contents. In other words, are they ore or just rocks?

One of the exploration drilling rigs, this photo was taken at another site, as you can tell by the green in the background.

Sometimes when looking for gold the geologists find rock (ore) samples that look like this. They get very excited, because this is a rare find in the field. Most gold is very fine and disseminated in the host rock, so it is seldom visible to the eye.


Exploration geologists do not need Nautilus memberships. They get plenty of exercise, looking for ores for mining companies to mine. This geological crew is doing just that at the high desert exploration camp.


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