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Village Near West African Gold and Diamond Mine Site. Mud brick huts with thatched roof, no electricity or running water. These people have been living this way for a thousand years or so. It doesn't get any simpler than this.


Stoper Drill, drilling the mine face in an underground copper mine. Explosives are loaded into the drill holes and the ore is blasted, falling in pieces that may be loaded and transported from the mine for further processing in the plant.


Above photos are of mine site material handling/excavation equipment. To move millions of tons of rock and ore per year, this type of equipment is very common on all surface, pit mines.

The above photo is the old west gold rush town of Bodie, located in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California. A million ounces of gold came from this mining town, in the Wild West.

Above is a photo of the hotel at the old Cerro Gordo Silver Mine, located in the Inyo Mountains in California. In its heyday, silver flowed from these mountains. Today the hotel is still operational and visits can be arranged.

Above photo is of the stockpiles at a local California sand plant, where the sand is used to make asphalt and concrete.

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