Mining Exploration Sites


  At Left, A Remote Jungle Mining Exploration Camp, Showing Some Leach Columns For Testing Gold Ore's Susceptibility to Leaching 
  Desert Gold Mine Site in South America - Notice the Rainbow, and No, there is not a pot of gold at it's end! 
  Remote Gold and Copper Exploration Site in Chile. I would recommend a good Mountain Goat. or perhaps the sure footed donkey shown below. 
  Sometimes Transportation Is Crude For Field Expolrations, As This Photo Shows. An Exploration Geologist Is Taking His Gear To A South American Site. 
  Exploration drill drilling core holes in a remote region, trying to define a gold ore deposit. Core holes are drilled through the ore body at various locations, then cores are analyzed in a lab to determine contend. The analysis are plotted and modeled in a 3D model of the ore body to determine economic feasibility of mining. 

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