The directory below leads to information on such diverse areas, as mining, metallurgy, coal, coal preparation, minerals, mineral processing, gold, copper, lumpy clay and other issues facing the mining industry. More are on the way, stay tuned.

Updated 5 January, 2019

One Gram Per Ton
8 July, 2018

Metals Prospects for 2017
Jan. 29, 2017

Geeen Movement In Australia
Jan 10, 2012

Everything Affects Weather
Oct 15, 2010

South Africa's Mining Quota System
Oct 15, 2010

Assay, Fire Assay of Gold 

Cameco and Nuclear Power
8 Nov. 2014
Lithium Prospects, 2019 January, 5, 2019

Argentina's Mining Regulations Enter 21st Century, June 2017

Articles About Mining 

31 May, 2011

Aug. 3, 2013

ClimateGate Gets Murky

Zinc Demand, Price
May, 13, 2011

Coal, Coal Mining Information 

Obama Declares War On Coal
Copper Mining 

Senator Fienstein Joins The War On Coal
Copper News  Copper Mining Info, Small Scale Mines 
Crushing, Grinding  Claims, Mining Claims 
Exploring For Minerals, Metals, Coal  Filtration, Dewatering 
Gold News Page  Gold Mining, Old & New Methods 
Gold, Lowest Operating Cost Gold Mine  Gold Elemental Information 
Geology  Iron Ore Page
Links To Mining Related Sites  Misc. Mining Photos
Mineral Information, Photos Mineral Processing, Process Plant Info 
Mitsubishi Cement Mine & Plant Metals, Commodity Prices
Mines Make Good Neighbors  Metallurgical Testing & Process Development Firms
Mining Engineers, What Do They Do?  Post Mining Land Reclamation 
Vulcan Materials Reliance Aggegate Mine Video (wmv Format)   
Open Pit Mining  Rare Earths Minerals Update
Dec. 15, 2012  
Royalty In Mexico?
24 February, 2013

Sampling Corner - Info On Many Aspects of Sampling 
Stories About Mining, Mining Life - Interesting Reading  Small Scale Mining Information
State of Mining In California  USGS Mine & Mineral Processing Plant Locations - LINK TO USGS SITE 
Why Should We Mine?  A Trona Mine
Cement, How Is It Made?  The Future of Mining Research & Development? 
Will Mining Survive the Eco Terrorists? Mining Dictionary, A dictionary of Mining Terms
Have You Hugged A Miner Today? Everybody knows they're not really endangered, we just need them to stop mining
New, Abundant Energy Source, COAL Sustainable Resources and Other Fairy Tales
US Steel Industry Goes Smart 31 May, 2011

Short Video presentation on a endangered species (Windows Movie Format (wmv))
Afganistan, The New Mineral Meca 
  Radical Environmentalists Turn Up Heat In The Tundra
  Mining Claims Seen As Greatest Threat?
  North Star Minerals, Acton CA Green Clay Used In Making Environmental Friendly Cement
Environmentalists take control of Tejon Ranch for "Preserve"

Electric Power Gernerating CEO's Discuss CO2, Environment
New Green Fuel Discovered   The Quest For Gold Goes Deep
Dynasty Mining Builds Ecuador A Gold Mine

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