Contains Images of Land Restored After It Has Been Mined
(A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words)

A Reclaimed mine site, which was fully restored to a wetland environment, with a man made lake to provide recreation, fish and water fowl habitat, and a livable area for both man and animals. Modern mining companies are responsible citizens of the community and country.  

Reclamation worker planting vegitation to restore a mined area. The vegitation is a type native to this arid, desert environment.  

A Technician taking a water sample from a ground water monitoring well. Extreme care is taken to ensure that the mining activity does not disturb the ground water near the mine. Extensive monitoring and testing on samples are conducted throughout the life of the mine.  

A Reclaimed mine site, one of my favorite reclaimed mine sites. This is a former Limestome Quarry, located in central Florida. It was reclaimed as a Golf Course, with a slope of 131 and is so difficult to play it is truly great, if your shots are VERY accurate. As you can see, even the fairways slope in every direction, and the Rough, well they rate a 10. (In my Golf Book, if you find your ball in the rough it is not a 10).  

Reclamation of a mine site in progress, note the silt fences (rows of material that look like a fence). These are to prevent any solid particulates from the disturbed soil from entering the water through runoff from rainfall. Modern mining companies take every precuation to ensure the preservation of the natural resources of the community in which they reside and operate.  

A Technician releasing a Hawk into a reclaimed mine site that is a wildlife habitat, and will provide a good living habitat for the animals and birds inhabitating the area, including the hawk. Just another example of a modern mine returning the post mining land use to a natural, useful spot on the earth. One that can be enjoyed by both man and the other creatures that inhabit this planet.  
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