Articles Written About Mining
Adventures & Encounters

Gold Garbage: Scams New and Old 
Surface Mining The First Ground Zero, Trinity 
How to Promote A Small Mine 
How to Succeed In A Small Mine 
Prospecting For Iron In Alaska 
In Alaska's Rainforest 
Desert Roads In A Rainstorm 
A Unique Prospecting Method 
The Old Dutch Cleanser Mine 
The New Frontier - Is US Mineral Exploration Dead? 
A Book Review About The Bre-X Gold Mine Swindle 
Chile, A Story of Gold and Quicksilver 
Jed's Sand, A story about a boy and his father working the family mine 
Underground Sunshine - Working in an underground mine a few years ago . . 
A Preppie In Pioche - Welcome to a miner's life . . . 
Telescope Peak In A Snowstorm - Adventure in The Panamint Mountain Range . . . 
The Search For Gold In Alaska . . . 
Fire Assay of Fly Eyes (You have to read this one to believe) . . . 
A story about roof control "yesteryear" 
A story about Thomas Edison's venture into mining 
A story about the Charles Manson Mine 
Revolutionary New Gold Process Discovered! 

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