The Spruce Goose

When It Was Located in Long Beach, CA 1982 - 1998

The domed building was the Long Beach Home for the Spruce Goose. The Goose was invented by Howard Hughes, and built by his General Manager of Hughes Aircraft, Glenn Odekirk,in 1947, to be the largest transport plane in the world. It was called the Flying Boat by some. The goose had one 15 minute flight over Long Beach Harbor, and never flew again. It was, however, quite a magnificant achievement in aeronautical engineering, and to view it in person, one is in awe that it could fly at all.


With a wide angle lens, I could only get 1/2 of the plane in my 35 mm viewfinder at any time. I have photographed the C5 _ military transport planes with a 50 mm lens, and got the whole plane in. The C5 is one of the largest planes in existance, currently.


More of the Goose.


The Goose's Cockpit with a Howard Hughes "Dummy" in the Pilot Seat.


Inside the belly of the Goose.


It is cavernous inside of this huge plane.


Antique automobiles were parked along the walls of the Goose House. They were quite nice, also. Notice that all photo's are dark, that is because the lighting inside of the dome was very minimal, and I had no film with a higher speed than 400 ASA. Flash is worthless in this cavernous dome.

The Spruce Goose is now located in Portland, Oregon. Like the Raiders and the Rams, it left the area also. Southern Californians have so many attractions vying for their time, the Lakers are fortunate that they are still here.