The Hearst Castle

San Simeon, CA


Photos of the Hearst Castle
The Neptune Pool is supposedly one of the most photographed pools in the world. After looking at it's spectacular design and absorbing the artistic splendor, I noticed that I took a whole roll of film on the pool, alone. Here are a few of the photos. The pool is constructed of Vermont Marble, with a Greek Temple design theme. A Giant Statue of Neptune was to have graced the pool, however it was destroyed in route. The pool is huge, over 4,000 square feet and holds about 145,000 gallons of water. William Randolph Hearst would swim in the pool almost every day he was on the estate, up until a year before his death, in fact.   
The Greek Temple that was to have housed the Neptune statue.

The haze in the background is the Marine Layer (Fog) that permeates the mornings along the Pacific coast. It burns off around Noon, and the remainder of the day is clear.  

A view from the landing above the pool, heading up to the back of the castle.   
Several of the ornate Greek Marble Statues that decorate the pool perimeter. Note the black and white marble water cascade, where water flows from above into the pool.    

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