These are taken at Bok Gardens, located in central Florida.  Built by Edward Bok, a Newspaper Publisher in the early 20th Century.  Edward Bok had the Gardens constructed around a huge tower with a Carillion, that plays music hourly, in a serene, tranquil setting.  It is one of the most peaceful places that I have ever had the pleasure to be.

The Centerpiece of the Gardens, Bok's Tower is constructed of Georgia Marble and Florida Coquina Stone.  It is entirely hand carved.  The stone sculptures and the metal sculptures were created by Lee Laurie and Sam Yellin.  The 57 bell carillon was made by Bellfounders Ltd in England.   
The sign that greets visitors to the Bok Gardens.   
A view walking through the Gardens.  Flora, trees native to Florida and the south fill the garden.   
The Tower, reflecting on the pond on a sunny day.